Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles to I get with each day?
A: 125 miles per day are included, $3/per extra mile. Weekend drives (3 days) include 400 miles.

Do my points ever expire?
A: No your points never expire, although you must use your points at least once every 3 months.

Do I need any special insurance?
A: No, but all members must carry full coverage insurance on their current car policy. Details are outlined in our Membership Terms and Polices document.

Is there an age requirement?
A: Yes you must be at least 25 years of age to join.

Do I have to have a clean driving record?
A: No not necessarily. You cannot have more than 3 moving violations on your record and cannot have been cited for some major violation in the last 3 years (ie. DWI, DUI, reckless driving, etc.)

Can additional drivers be added to a membership?
A: Yes you may add two additional drivers to your membership (immediate family members only) for a fee of $500 per person. Of course all additional drivers must meet all the qualifications as the primary member.

Do you offer Delivery/Pick-up services?
A: Yes, delivery/pick up services are available for an additional fee and 48 hour notice.

Can I take the cars out of state?
A: No the cars may not be driven out of the state of Colorado.

Do you have corporate memberships?
A: Yes, please contact us for more info.